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A video of a person talking about their life is a wonderful way of connecting them with their family and with future generations. Valuable information and fascinating stories can be secured and a vivid, moving portrait created of a loved family member.

Here’s our video with samples of life story videos that we’ve created for our clients.

Don’t wait to create this important family treasure. If you delay the opportunity to do it will one day be gone. We’ll make it easy for you to get it done, and done well. Get in touch with us now to book a date and time. Future generations will thank you for it.

About us

Memorialis consists of two people, Diana and Zac. We’re passionate about helping people create life story videos. We’re good listeners who guide and prompt the person being interviewed for the important and special parts of their life story.

We introduce ourselves in the video below.


“I enjoyed the experience of videoing my stories. I think a video can connect a family and help them think about where they are from. It’s also an opportunity for the family to hear stories that they don’t know or from a different point of view. It’s so much better to hear forebears talk “in the flesh” rather than read about them in a written family history.”

– Douglas C

“This was very, very special, because it’s something to leave. I think about my great grandchildren, whenever they come, just for them to know they’re in a family that loves them, not just by me, but everybody. Thank you Diana and Zac for giving me that opportunity.”

– Vaiata C

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